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In accordance with the order, we'll be changing a few things on how we operate.

Storefront will be closed but the manufacturing of jewelry will be still continuing.

For Existing customers:

Please check-in by email or by phone to check the status of your order before coming in person, to limit the amount of people in the store at any time.

(If you'd like us to ship the item to you,

email us with your name, phone, mailing info, and invoice number.)

For New customers:

If you can, please place orders online via (we'll be waiving shipping during this time); or via email, for all custom orders.

For Customers who have lost/misplaced their invoices:

We encourage you to please use this time to find your invoices.

We will NOT be looking for each individual's lost receipts at this time

Use this link to report your info:

Please be patient with us, as we transition our crew to begin working from home again. Do not worry, your orders will be coming out as soon as we can make them.

Emails will be answered on a daily basis:

While we work hard for you, sit back and relax, have a snack, watch some TV, and most of all STAY SAFE AT HOME, once your items are ready, we'll give you a call!

Thanks for your understanding. Please take care and stay safe!

Princess Gold Team

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