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Hey Everyone!

Are you all keeping diligent and staying safe at home?

Thanks so much to those of you that have been so understanding and patient with us!

Some of you have already received your ordered items and some of you are still waiting in line! We'd just like to update you on what's been going on and what our plans are.

Currently, we are adjusting ourselves to trying to work from home (with some limited success!). These past few weeks, we've been able to complete 18+ items!

(To be honest, we were expecting to do a lot worse than how we are currently operating.)

Here's how the current operations are going:

-Receive inventory and supplies from suppliers (the limited ones that are still open)

-Design and name drafted

-Handed over to Letter Engraver

-Handed over to Bench Jeweler - to join together

-Handed to Polisher

-Handed to Hand Engraver

-Handed back to Polisher

-We get it back to do finishing touches - Sanding and Enamel.

At the moment, anything requiring more machinery than this, we've postponed until we can have more open access to the main shop and the specialized machinery. We're still crossing our fingers that we can reopen May 1st!

Once again, thanks for your patience and we'll try to keep up with the updates.

Email us at for any status inquiries and questions.

Keep Safe Everyone~

PGC Ohana

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